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Marine Offshore Support Services

Homeland integrated offshore services limited has Tugboats in Port Harcourt, Rivers state available for offshore towing & contract leasing

Homeland integrated offshore services limited Tugboats are maintained to a highest level and undergo annual inspections by the Nigerian and Petroleum waterways operators to ensure that our policies and safety procedures are adhered to.Home integrated offshore services limited takes great pride in constantly upgrading our equipment to meet the challenging needs of our customers.

Offshore Logistics Support Services:
Homeland Integrated Offshore Services Limited provides comprehensive load-out, sea fastening, and heavy lift transportation and installation services and project management for:

    Conventional jackets and pile systems
    Compliant towers/SPARs
    Topsides/Modules/deck structures
    TLPs and associated components
    Anchor/mooring arrangements etc

Marine Offshore Support Vessels

Homeland Integrated Offshore Services Limited own, operate and charter vessels to provide support for exploration, development and production activities in the offshore Oil & Gas industry.
Our expertise ranges from standard to special purpose vessels including but not limited to:

Environmental policies in action.

  • Offshore Utility Boats.
  • Safety standby vessels.
  • Towing Supply vessels.
  • Dredgers of different sizes.
  • Anchor Handling Tug Boats.
  • Security & Surveillance Patrol Boats.
  • Terminal/FPSO support.
  • Semi-Submersible/Jack-up Rig.
  • Platform/drilling supply vessels.
  • House & Work Boats/Barges/cranes.
  • Crew & Fast Supply Intervention Vessels(FSIV).
  • Specialty Vessels.

Marine Transportation

Homeland Integrated Offshore Services Limited renders marine transportation services to the oil and gas sector with best safety procedures in place. Our Barges and vessels are well maintained, periodic dry-docking is carried out on our marine vessels to ensure efficient services. Our services are well comparable with the best standards in the maritime industry worldwide.